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Transport strategy of RK
«... Kazakhstan is to become a part of the world transport and communication system that calls for advanced development of all transport infrastructure of the country from us.

We have to accept a long-term transport strategy which will be connected with the territory development logically...»
Nazarbayev N.A. The President
of the Republic of Kazakhstan

About the company

“Kaztemirtrans” JSC (100% subsidiary company of “NC “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC) is the largest operator of the stock of freight cars of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The stock of freight cars of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC is counted more 54 thousand units. They are box cars, platforms, gondola cars, tanks, grain-carriers, cement carriers, fitting platforms. 

The company renders services as lease of freight carsproducing and carrying out planned repairs of freight cars; collection, storage, processing, sale of scrap metal;provision of services for the operator of cars, keeping records of cars of the Company located in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan and beyond its borders;

Business associates of “Kaztemirtrans” JSC in the sphere of freight transportation are the largest transport companies such as “Astyk Trans” JSC on grain transportation, “Premium Oil Trans” LLP on oil transportation, “Zhambyl cement production company” on cement transportation, and small and medium enterprises.